Raynok MK2 Console
Full Featured. Ergonomic. Powerful

Give your Automation Operator all the tools they need for a successful performance.  Give them the Raynok MK2 Console.

The elegant design and simplicity of the MK2 Console puts the power and control of all motion functions at your fingertips. Operators can call and recall functions and cues with the press of a single button.  Programmable Macro buttons allow the operator to customize their desktop to not only save time but improve efficiency and safety.

The MK2 runs the same intuitive and reliable Raynok Software that our operators have come to appreciate, in a compact and feature rich package.

Features of the MK2 Console:

  • MS WindowsTM Operating System
  • Dual processors with live backup
  • Solid state hard drives
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Built in pointing device with dual 3-button operation
  • 24” TFT HDMI monitor for crisp clean image (Dual monitor capability)
  • Full function keyboard
  • USB ports for peripherals
  • Numeric keypad with direct call function buttons for quick data entry
  • Multi-function numeric keypad
  • Fully Integrated Emergency Stop System Control
  • 24 user programmable macro buttons
  • All button presses monitored and archived
  • Encoder wheel for speed scaling of axes in motion
  • Onboard joystick for jogging
  • Multiple network ports
  • 2 x 18” LittleliteTM 3-pin XLR task lamps
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Options
    • WYSIWYG on board
    • Remote Stage Manager's monitor
    • R3D software installed