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Niscon Inc. is proud to announce new developments in 3D coordinated motion for stage flight.  We took the time to interview operators, tech managers and flight choreographers to find out what they need to make their jobs simpler and their rehearsal time more effective.

The result is the software module we call R3D. A sophisticated yet simple approach to programming that allows the operator to create flight paths using a joystick, record the flight path as a cue, adjust and modify it and then save and playback the profile.

You can now create and control the most complex movement of 3D coordinated motion for stage flight.  Sophisticated programming makes it possible. WYSIWYG makes it easy.

Additional software features allow the operator to ‘GO TO’ specific points on the path by selecting the point and with a right click of the mouse automatically create the necessary profile to send the load object to the specified point in 3D space.  Raynok uses a simple 3D viewer to illustrate the flight path to the operator so as to minimize processor time and power requirements.

To achieve greater depth of understanding through the use of 3D pre-visualization, Niscon Inc. has partnered with CAST Software, as a Registered WYSIWYG Developer (RWD), to help inspire new features and functions within WYSIWYG.  CAST Software developers continue to astound us with their talent and foresight as they break new ground with motion and live object tracking.  Niscon Inc. has chosen WYSIWYG as our 3D pre-visualization tool for the purpose of cueing the production prior to scenery making it to stage.  We launched our first use of the concept successfully with Walt Disney Theatrical’s “The Little Mermaid” on Broadway in 2007.

R3D can also create spectacular effects flying scenic elements with 3 dimensional precision.  With R3D you can maneuver lighting trusses or scenic dressings on 2, 3, 4, 5, 10… whatever number of hoists you desire all with the same software and all configurable by trained end users.  R3D is so simple to use your crew will become confident after just a few hours of training, giving them the power to build cues and work with the creative team directly.