CONCERTO VSL500 - 001-md.jpg

Sophisticated. Accurate. Performance.

There is no equivalent to the Raynok Concerto - it is simply the safest and most responsive Variable Speed Chain Hoist on the market. The Concerto features full closed loop control for precisely maintained speed and repeatable position tolerance to within less than 1mm.

Engineered to be the perfect chain hoisting solution for the Raynok Motion Control System, the Concerto is built with the combined expertise of the R&M Materials Handling and Verlinde Stagemaker teams to bring finesse to the chain motor market. 

 The onboard indicator panel provides quick reference of hoist status and operation. Local control pendant allows an operator to power the hoist right out of the crate.

Combine the Concerto with Raynok R3D software for truly spectacular entertainment motion in any venue.
-      Meets BGV-C1 Specifications  -  Safety Hooks - Standard              
-   3 encoders for accuracy   
-   Repeatable Position Accuracy less than 1mm                                  
-   Load Cell - Standard               -  Temperature/moisture sensors
-   Dual brakes - Standard           -     True Zero Speed holding    
-   4 Rotary Limits with Independently operated redundant safety limits
-   Optional Rain Bag                  -  3D Coordinated Flying Option
-      250kg@36.5m/min 
-      500kg@19.5m/min      
-     1000kg@10m/min