Safety.  Integrity.  Convenience.

The challenge in designing a safety system for the Entertainment Industry is to bring integrity to the system while maintaining creativity.

The Niscon Inc. solution to SIL3 provides just that. A safety system that meets the SIL3 guidelines yet does not cripple creative development of fluid motion profiling.
Raynok has always had an integrated Emergency Stop System that provides a high level of security. The SIL3 component adds peace of mind that the system has been properly reviewed and assessed. Every SIL3 System is provided with an independent third-party review certificate qualifying the engineering review of the application.

A key component of Raynok’s Integrated Safety System is the fully monitored Hold-To-Run (HTR) handle. Software timers prevent an operator from tampering with the function of the HTR. Exceeding the active state timer causes an automatic fault of the HTR System, bringing all motion to a safe stop.  The operator can interrupt the fault action by clicking on a timer extension icon on their screen. This action is time stamped and recorded in the log files.

The difference between a Standard Raynok Safety System and one that is SIL3 rated is the integration of SIL3 certified products including safety relays, contactors, a monitoring PLC and the SIL3 functional safety report. 

Raynok Motion Controllers have inherent safety systems including independent dual processor monitoring of critical functions and encoders; data checking and hand shaking; critical input/output monitoring; overspeed sensing; multiple encoder checking and monitoring; and much more.

Safety is a critical choice when selecting a control solution. With Raynok the system is not only safe… it is Functionally Safe.