When it comes to safety and convenience the Raynok Emergency Stop System delivers both.

The architecture of the system is based on a distributed solution making it simple and convenient to connect.

Emergency Stop Slave Controllers are connected to the Master Controller in a Star Configuration much like the Ethernet System.  Drives, operator stations and E-Stop buttons are then connected to the Slave Controllers in a second Star Configuration. When an E-Stop button is pressed a series of events is triggered to provide a safe and effective stopping profile resulting in a full removal of power from the drive systems.

Hold-To-Run (dead man) handle features integrate seamlessly into the system for a truly reliable and responsive safety system. The HTR (when installed) on the operator’s console signals a STOP to all axes.  Peripheral HTR buttons can be programmed to run remotely and affect a specific axis or group

Once an E-stop button has been triggered the main control screen of Raynok can then show graphically on a plan or elevation of the venue which button was activated for a quick identification of the problem area.

Programmable delay timers allow the commissioning technician to customize the timing in removal of power during an execution of the Emergency Stop System.