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Convenient, reliable chain hoist rigging controllers.

When chain hoist control installations require simple, logical, reliable controls… turn to the Raynok Configuration B Systems.
Our Config B Chain Hoist Controllers are designed with 4, 8, 12 and 16 output channels, for use with three phase chain hoists with onboard starters. Special order Config B model controllers can be supplied with adaptations to operate with single phase hoists.
Each controller has an integral power safety contactor that also provides phase reversal. Combining the Raynok Config B Hoist Controller with factory standard Config B hoists from Stagemaker gives a redundant security with the hoist’s onboard power safety contactor.
Controllers can be combined into an E-Stop Group by integrating one of our PP-600 ES Controllers. This controller centralizes the Emergency Stop signals to combine them under one master controller. Pressing the E-Stop button on any controller or controller pendant will initiate an E-Stop on ALL controllers.
Other options are available including computer controlled interface dogles to connect the controllers to the Raynok Software or Intelligent hoist controllers and Load Cell Systems for complete load control and balancing.
  - SOCA7 output connectors
       - Dual twist-lock versions available
  - Branch circuit protection on hoist outputs
  - Integral safety contactor
  - Phase rotation/fault monitoring circuitry
  - Phase reversal switch
  - Expandable into E-Stop Group
  - Variety of control interface options
  - Integrates with Raynok load cell systems
  - Single phase option
  - Two speed option