You’ve got an idea. You know WHAT you want to do. Call Niscon Inc. to work out HOW to do it.

We engineer the art of movement. Creative software development allows us to customize our Raynok software to make complex movements simple to execute and, to manufacture the control equipment to make it happen safely and reliably.

Custom Hardware Design and Software Development

Drawing on experience and feedback from end users, Niscon Inc. excels at providing custom electronics, software design and system integration services. We can provide complete turnkey manufacturing from concept to production including the schematics, PCB design/ manufacturing, mechanical packaging design/manufacturing, and programming of onboard processors. Complimenting the efforts of hardware design and manufacturing is our ability to provide custom Windows™ based software applications or utilities.

Specialized Services and Support

At Niscon Inc. we make the time to thoroughly understand our customers markets and specific applications. We anticipate needs through discussions, research and the development of a customer/ supplier team effort. Combined, we engineer an approach that compliments the final product and anticipates the needs of the end user. We stand behind our products and are committed to building long lasting relationships by providing product design consultations, operator training and 24hr customer support.

Support via remote access and secure web application are available to ensure maximum support for your critical operations.