May 26, 2011

After a successful debute on the launch of the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie, last night on the finale of American Idol, the Parasol Advanced Lighting System had it's television debute.  The Parasol System is a self propelled trolley and track system that carries moving head lighting instruments.

Position above and behind the heads of the performers and jsut within camera shot the Parasol System created a new and innovative lighting look for the show's lighting designers.  Four carts were used with Syncrolite fixtures in the Judas Priest and Steve Tyler segments.

Niscon Inc. is proud to be part of the Parasol System providing a Wireless Raynok Control Solution to drive and postion the carts.  This will have been Raynok's first television appearance.

Watch for more news on the Parasol System and keep your eyes open for moving head lighting fixtures that... well... MOVE! If a light swivels, pans, tilts AND tracks.... it's probably Parasol. The System will turn up again shortly in another popular event.

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